About Us

‘Jumping for Men and Boys’ is an international fundraiser aimed at reducing the suicide rate of Australian men.

Rob Tierney, a 57-year-old Australian man, and a “mystery jumper”, will skydive from 12,000 feet onto a beach near Gold Coast, Australia, on the morning of 8 June, 2017. If the weather is unsuitable for skydiving on 8 June the skydive will take place on 12 June 2017.


“Rob and Russ are just a couple of local Lads from the small Central Goldfields Town of Maryborough Victoria, Australia. Neither man has any formal expertise in Psychology, Medicine, Media, Politics or other persuasions. In Fact the pair of them are about as a generic form of Australian Male you’d come across. Both have had their shares of trials and tribulations while trying their best to bumble their way through life.

The One thing that has brought them together to launch this skydive/fundraiser is that the  pair of them are sick to death of their mates either blowing their brains out with shotguns, gassing themselves in their cars, hanging themselves from the end of nooses or simply swallowing a bucket load of pills. On average 6 Australian males take their own life each day, a number of these men have been friends of either Rob or Russ.”

Across the world, men commit suicide at far higher rates than women. There are numerous reasons for this, but one key reason is that men are more likely than women to suffer reactive depression due to highly distressing life events which are attributable to states’ actions and inactions e.g. states not ensuring fathers enjoy reasonable access to their children following family breakdowns.

The following link will take you to a report published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2016, “Causes of Death, Australia, 2015”:


The report shows that in 2015 in Australia, 2,292 men and 735 women committed suicide. This was the highest rate recorded in the past 10 years. Australian men are more likely to commit suicide than women by a factor of over 3:1. In 2015, suicide was the leading cause of death among all people 15-44 years of age. The median age at death for suicide was 44.5 years. This compares to a median age of 81.9 years for all deaths.

The suicide rate of male Aboriginals and male Torres Strait Islanders was around double that of non-indigenous Australian men.


We are very grateful to the owners of Gold Coast Skydive (http://www.goldcoastskydive.com.au/) for funding this skydive, including the video cameramen. They created a video (4:24) showing what a skydive from 12,000 feet looks like:


On the morning of Thursday 8th June 2017, two people will be (tandem) skydiving from 12,000 feet onto a beach near Gold Coast. They are:

Jumper 1 – Rob Tierney is an Australian man (57) who is very weary of mates taking their own lives, often due to a lack of timely male friendly support services.

Rob did a skydive in 2014 from 15,000 feet in Victoria, Australia, during a bitter winter, prior to asking others to skydive, as he would not ask anyone to do something that he was not prepared to do himself.


The skydive has the following objectives in mind: 

  1. To raise public awareness of the issues facing men and boys.
  2. To promote this fundraiser for the reduction of Australian male suicide.
  3. As a personal challenge for Rob, given his previous experience of skydiving.

Rob will be attending the third International Conference on Men’s Issues, Gold Coast, Australia, 9-11 June 2017  (http://icmi.info), in order to become more informed about the issues facing men and boys.


Jumper 2 – Our Mystery jumper will be chosen from a short list of potential jumpers a few days before the event.




2011 Rob & Meister
Australian Red Heeler cattle dog
Best mates and brothers in arms!

ROB TIERNEY – Organiser/Jumper 

Rob is an Australian man (57) who has been to hell and back (due to alcoholism, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Air Traffic Control whistleblowing, as well as coping with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). He was loved back to life by other men (and a few women) who could see that he was worth saving at a time when he thought he was a burden on the community and better off dead.

These men freely gave of their time and helped him daily over many years to have a better quality of life. He would now like to give back what he was so freely given by organizing the Skydive and Fundraiser.

Rob did a skydive in 2014 from 15,000 feet in Victoria, Australia, during a bitter winter, prior to asking others to skydive, as he would not ask anyone to do something that he was not prepared to do himself.




RUSSELL WHITEHEAD – Promoter / Supporter 

Russ is a social worker who works with men in Melbourne, Australia. He is assisting with social media promotion and other practical issues. He has first-hand knowledge of the many issues affecting men and boys. Russ is holding one of our skydive banners which will be held under parachute.

JIM – Moral Supporter

Jim is an Australian man (64) who also has been to hell and back (two broken marriages, alcoholism, anxiety and depression). He was also loved back to life by other men and today enjoys his passion of gold detecting in the Golden Triangle of Victoria, Australia. He has provided daily support and encouragement for this project.

MICHAEL – Neighbour

Michael has had five major strokes, and is an inspiration to all due to his refusal to accept his limitations. Over a period of several years crawling round on his hands and knees he created a most beautiful garden and became able to walk and talk again. He has provided ongoing guidance with this fundraiser/skydive project.

HELEN –  Aboriginal Liaison

Helen has provided much support and encouragement to enable this project to proceed as well as sharing her vision of how to involve Aboriginal men and boys. As an Aboriginal woman she has provided much insight into the particular problems faced by Aboriginal men and boys and has advised me on protocol in Aboriginal culture. Helen will assist with social media promotion.


Funds raised will be kept in an Australian bank account for later distribution to individuals and organizations working to reduce male suicide in Australia. Individuals and organizations will be invited to formally apply for funds, explaining how they will reduce the rate of male suicide in Australia. Rob Tierney and other key people will jointly decide how the funds will be deployed, and decisions publicised on the Jumping for Men and Boys  website (https://jumpingformenandboys.com/)

Donors who have provided their emails through the fundraiser website, or by informing Rob (jumpingformenandboys@gmail.com) will be informed about deployment of funds.


This fundraiser will be fully financially transparent with updates and documents posted to jumpingformenandboys.com website (https://jumpingformenandboys.com/).

Funds will be held in an Australian trust fund bank account set up in accordance with Australian banking regulations.

It is important to note (unlike some major Australian charities where up to 60% of donations go in admin costs-a Google search will confirm this) that the only fees deducted from your donation will be OZCROWD fees, PayPal and Stripe platform credit card fees (maximum of 6% ).

We will ensure that every dollar raised will be put to work to provide the maximum amount of support for Australian men in difficult personal circumstances.

Auditors appointed are Goers and Maunder (Bendigo, Victoria, Australia)

Lawyers appointed are Noonan and Sutherland (Maryborough, Victoria, Australia)