Suicide Fundraiser updates

29th December 2017 – Reflections on the first Jumping4MB Male Suicide Prevention in Australia Project.

The Ozcrowd fundraiser has ended with $1016 in donations.

The initial target was $24,000 and although the fundraiser was shared endlessly on Facebook there were minimal donations. Due illness I was unable to do what needed to be done such as articles in some regional papers where the population are the highest donors per capita in Australia to charity.

It is clear to me that Male Suicide Prevention is a bit of a non issue in Australia and that if 6 whales a day were dying it would be national emergency and donations would flow accordingly.

It’s been a very steep learning curve since March 2017 and I found that there was some “opposition” to the project and a complete lack of interest from others in assisting with the project.

After all the Christmas Shutdowns are over the money raised will be deployed to the boots on the ground charities and tax receipts issued back to the original donors.

To be continued…….



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